How to purchase products from a storefront

To purchase a product for yourself or a team member/s from a store:

1. Login to your account

2. Select the "Store" tab on the far left

3. Choose the product from the storefront that you would like to purchase. Make sure only the product/s that you want are in your cart (remove any unwanted products by selecting the "remove from cart" option). If you would like more than one license for your product/s, choose the number of licenses you would like next to the "how many licenses do you need?" option. CleanShot_2023-01-25_at_12.56.03.gif
4. Enter your credit card information on the right side of the screen (unless you have previously saved this information) and select the "Pay Now" option.


7. Your new product will now appear in your "Library"




8. To access the product, just select it and you will see it appear.  (or assign the product to the correct team member/s by selecting your workspace settings>licenses>find the product and edit, then assign).


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