What is included in the GiANTOS Pro subscription?

To find what is included in the GiANTOS Pro subscription

1. You can always go to your Guide's GiANTOS Pro landing page for a detailed list of what is included. Here is a list for your convenience.


If you already have a GiANTOS account, and you are the owner/admin, you can view this list by:

1. Logging into your https://giantos.com account.

2. Click the Workspace name in the top left.

3. Click the Workspace Settings menu item.

4. Click the Plans option and you will see a list comparison of features, benefits, and content available on the GiANTOS Pro subscription versus the Basic GiANTOS account.

CleanShot_2023-03-10_at_02.35.24.gif6. Additionally, once you have a Pro subscription, you can see and access all content included in the Pro subscription by going to the Library tab. You will see Assessments, Courses and Other Resources.



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