How do I assign actions or content to my members?

Note: A general user will not have access to assign actions. Only account owners, Guides, Catalysts and those designated as team leaders have the functionality to assign actions.

How do I assign actions or content to my members?
Those who have been designated owners, admins, or team leaders can assign actions or content to members. (Team leaders will only be able to assign actions for the teams that they lead). Here's how:

1.  Login to the GiANT OS.

2. There are two ways to access the "Actions" tab.
The first way is through your "Dashboard" tab.

CleanShot 2024-03-20 at 04.44.33@2x.png

The second way is by going to the team you would like to assign to, and selecting the team name.

CleanShotThen to "Assign Actions":

3. Choose the "Action" you want to assign. You can choose from any of the assessments or courses that are on Pro:

4. Choose "Who" you are going to assign the action to. You can choose an individual, several individuals, a team or the entire organization:

Keep scrolling to find a list of each individual:
4. Don't forget to select the blue "Assign" tab to complete the assignment.

5. Be sure to add a Title to the assignment and a description:CleanShot
6. Finally, add an "assign date" (keeping in mind that you can assign in the future, which means they can't access an assessment until that start date). Then, if you would like, assign a Due Date.
When an action is assigned, the user will receive an email informing them of the assessment or course, start and due date. 
7. The Guide, Owner or Admin can see the progress of the action they assigned per user:

Who has access to Actions?

Here is some clarification around assigning with a "Link":
CleanShot 2024-03-20 at 04.47.04@2x.png
If you choose to assign with a link, in the "assign to" area, choose "link". This will allow the system to create a unique link that you can send to anyone within your organization. When they click the link, the user will be sent directly to the piece of content you have assigned. Be aware, if someone who is not yet a member of your account uses the link, they will be prompted to become a member of the workspace. This will add an additional cost to your monthly or annual cost of platform use.

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