How do I add Teams?

Note: Workspace settings are only available for GiANT OS account owners and individuals they have designated as admins. A general user will not have access to these settings.

If you are a GiANT Guide who is wanting to adjust this setting on behalf of one of your clients, you will need to access their client workspace first. Click here to learn how.

To add Teams to your GiANTOS Account

1. Login to your account.

2. All accounts (Free and Pro) start with one team to which all invited members are added automatically. You must have a Pro Subscription, however, in order to add multiple teams.

3. If you do not have a Pro subscription, the Workspace owner/admin can upgrade by clicking the Workspace name in the top left > click "Workspace Settings" > click "Plans" > click "Upgrade" at the annual or monthly option.

4. If you already have a Pro subscription, then click the Workspace name in the top left > click "Workspace Settings" > Click "Teams" > Click "Add Team".

5. Give the team a name and click "Add Team".

6. Once created, you can update the name, description, and color marker of the team on platform.

7. To add Team members to the team, first make sure you have invited them to the platform (using the "Invite Members" button in the bottom left).

8. Then click "Add Members" and check the box next to the members you want to add.

9. Click "Add Members".

10. You can toggle on or off the ability to have new team members automatically added to any team as well.



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