How do I as a Team Leader get started on GiANT OS

As a Team Leader, here is a quick guide to getting started on GiANT OS:

Note: Workspace settings are only available for GiANT OS account owners, Catalysts and individuals they have designated as admins. A general user will not have access to these settings.

If you are a GiANT Guide who is wanting to adjust this setting on behalf of one of your clients, you will need to access their client workspace first. Click here to learn how.

1. Inviting Members:

Now that an account has been created on GiANT OS for your organization, and you’ve been designated as a Team Leader for one or more teams, you have the ability to add or remove members to your team and assign actions to members of your team.

To add or remove members to your team:

  • Login to your GiANT OS account and select your team from the left side panel.
  • Once inside the team, select the “Manage Team” tab in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 
  • Scroll down until you see the “Add Members” tab. Select which member/s you would like to add and scroll to the bottom blue tab to confirm “Add Members”.
  • To remove members, scroll to your list of members and select the three dots to the right of their name and “Remove Member”. (This removes them from the team, not from the account.)

2. Assigning and Managing Actions:

An Account Owner, Admin or Team Leader can assign assessments and courses to members.  These “Assigned Actions” can be managed by the people designated as these roles. Since you are a Team Leader, you can Assign Actions to your team members only.

To Assign an Action, go to the left side panel and select your team. In the upper right-hand corner, select the blue “Assign Actions” tab. Now you can:


  • Select the Action, Who the Action is for, the Title, and Description.
  • Select a start date and due date.
  • This will send an email to every member that the action has been assigned.
  • The members will then work on the action.
  • You are able to see the progress of each assigned action by going to your Dashboard and selecting “Actions”.
  • Your members are able to see the Actions assigned to them through their Dashboard “Actions” tab.

To View the Actions you have assigned, go to top of your team page and under the team name select the “Actions” tab. This will show you what actions you have assigned and the progress of each member. At any time, if you need more time to allow your members to complete the assignment, select the three dots to the right and edit the due date.


3. Library:

You can access all of the Pro assessments, courses and resources by selecting the “Library” tab on the left side panel. Simply find the library item you would like to enter and select the tile. This will open up the item for you to begin the assessment or course.


4. Understanding Your Dashboard:

Every user has a Dashboard which includes a “Profile” and “Actions”.

  • The “Profile” screen is an informational page with that member’s leadership Voice order, contact information, title, location and team details. 
  • The “Actions” screen stores all Assigned Actions details.

You, as well as all of your members, will want to build out your profile to fill in your customized information. Select the “Build My Profile” tab to do this.

If you have not yet take the 5 Voices Assessment, you will want to go to your “Library” on the left side panel and take the assessment. This will populate your Voice order in your dashboard.


5. Support:

At any time, if you have questions or need help navigating the GiANT OS, select the “Support” tab on the left side panel. This will open up the GiANT “Help” Center. Type in your question and select from the provided articles. If no article is helpful in answering your question, feel free to use the “Get In Touch” tab and submit a support ticket. A member of our team will get back with you.


6. Toolkit and Directory Access:

On the bottom right corner of the screen, you will notice a  “G” icon. Selecting this icon allows you to gain quick access to the toolkit and the directory.

At the bottom of the pop-up screen you can toggle between “toolkit” and “directory”. When you are on the “Toolkit”, you can search a tool by name or scroll, find the tool and select it. 

When you are on “Directory”, you can see a list of every member within your organization. Select a name and you can see their profile information including which team/s they are in and their email address. Select the blue “View Full Profile” to see all of the profile information.



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