Can I cancel my Pro plan any time

Note: Workspace settings are only available for GiANT OS account owners and individuals they have designated as admins. A general user will not have access to these settings.

If you are a regular user and have a Pro plan, you will be able to cancel your own subscription using the instructions below.

If you signed up for the monthly Pro payment plan, then you can cancel anytime. You paid for the month up front, so as soon as you cancel, your account will cancel at the end of your month's payment cycle. You will not be charged again.

if you signed up for the annual plan, then you are committed to the year that you paid for. If you cancel, you will not be charged again after you year has ended but you will be given access to your Pro account until the end of the year cycle. There are no partial refunds for annual plans.

To cancel your Pro license:

1. Login to your account.
2. Select the upper left hand corner workspace dropdown menu.
3. Go down to your "Workspace Settings".
4. Go down to "Licenses".

5. Find the License for "Pro" and select "Edit".
6. Next, select "Edit Subscription".

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the red "Cancel Subscription" tab.

See the above steps here:

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